Italian localization video game and movie dubbing.


Italian Localization is a BeeMedia s.r.l division, an audio production company specializing in localization video game and movie dubbing in Italian language and in the main European ones, with more than 15 years of experience in dubbing and audio productions.

Our structure boasts over 15 years’ experience in this sector, collaborating with the best actors and mother-tongue speakers, and uses recording studios equipped with vanguard technologies, continuously updated.

This is the reason why some of the main companies in Italy and the world entrust BeeMedia with their campaigns and their localizations.

Italian localization movie and video games


is the ideal solution for your projects in Italian and all the main languages. For over 10 years we have taken care of localizing most commercials, movie, voiceover and video game.

We specialize in the Italian language but we localize all kinds of products in the main world languages thanks to our partner studios.

Our main services are:

  • Advertising, Voice overs
  • Localization Video game and movie in Italian
  • Localization Role-playing games, Website localization
  • Elaboration, Translation and adaptation text
  • Radio Commercials and TV Spot
  • Voice over in all the main languages
  • Film Dubbing


Only professionals compose our team: translators, adapters, project managers, sound engineers and voice talents. 
Thanks to our services in Translation and Adaptation, we are able to ensure the best linguistic fidelity to the ideas you want to give voice to, adapting them to the brand and to the project.

It is also important that a dedicated person, the Project Manager, follows the entire localization process from beginning to end in order to know your needs precisely and to best answer your requests, following and advising you during the whole project.

We will choose together the most suitable voices for your characters through a casting, custom-tailored for you. You will find hundreds of available voices in our national and international catalogue. Listen to the Italian voices here.

In the end, a dedicate Sound Engineer will take care of the post production, refining the product and delivering it completed, ready to be launched on any market.


Quality and reliability don’t necessarily mean high costs.

Our prices are affordable and we are always available when we talk about quotations.
Don’t believe us? Then challenge us and contact us!

The ItalianLocalization Studios


Based in the centre of Milan, we have two recording studios and three post production studios, which allow us to be fast in production and also to operate simultaneously on different projects.

Always respecting and guaranteeing a high quality final product.

We are able to link with partner studios all over the world through SOURCE CONNECT and CODEC ISDN (in addition to Skype, obviously). This permits us to record and direct talents, anywhere and in real time.

Among our equipment:

  • Avid ProTools
  • Controller: Focusrite Command8 /Edirol PCR-500
  • Monitoring: Genelec 1030A / Genelec 8040° / ADAM A5X
  • Microphone: Neumann U-87A/ AKG C414B-XLII


  • ISDN EQUIPMENT Centauri 3001 / Centauri 3001 III. 4 ISDN lines
  • Compatible with most codecs
  • Type: Layer II, Layer III, G.722, AAC, and many others.

Source Connect Address: studiowt         Skype Address: Beemedia



Italian localization movie and video games is a Beemedia s.r.l. service based in Milan, Via Appiani 12.

For information, casting or quotes write us to Telephone: +39 02 2900 5326       

Tony – Art Director

Martina – Producer

Dario – international Relations

Simone – Sound Designer Chief


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Italian localization movie and video games, commercials, movies.
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Italian localization movie and video games, commercials, movies. Casting and dubbing in Italian.